Welcome to Sport & Spine Health Care Centers – Garnet Valley , Wilmington

Welcome to Sport & Spine Healthcare Centers! We are a multi-specialty team consisting of sports medicine orthopedist, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and massage therapists, providing you with the most progressive, non-surgical, non-invasive, integrative approach to your pain or injury. We are committed to providing you the highest quality of health services to help restore health and well-being. We offer pain relief while working to correct the underlying cause of the condition. We are the area’s largest integrative health center offering chiropractic, physical medicine, sports medicine, massage therapy, and physiotherapeutic procedures*.

Our team of healthcare professionals will work together to correctly diagnosis and formulate a treatment regimen that will restore you to a pain free lifestyle. Whether you suffer from osteoarthritis, bulging or herniated discs, canal stenosis and/or injuries at work, sports or the aftermath of a car accident, we can help. Pain that’s not alleviated and/or dysfunction that’s not restored with conventional treatment can impact every aspect of life. Too often, it may feel like surgery is your only option. The team from Sport & Spine Healthcare Centers offer less invasive options that work.

Sport & Spines Integrated Medical facilities provide results based upon a myriad of treatments, all tailored to meet the particular need of each patient. We address the source of pain and dysfunction therapeutically to restore health.

Contact our main office today at 484-840-5265 and begin to discover the best path for relieving your acute/chronic pain through a customized physical rehabilitation plan.

*not all services available at both locations

Dr. Tim Martin